Halo World Championship 2017 – Stream schedule

Event Schedule
Broadcast starts – 3am AEST / 4am AEDT Saturday 25th
Double Elim Bracket – 3am AEST / 4am AEDT Sunday 26th
Finals – 3am AEST / 4am AEDT Monday 27th

Group Stage structure
Round-robin group stage featuring four groups each consisting of three teams
The top two teams with the best record in each group begin in Winners Round 1 of the Double Elimination Bracket
The one team with the worst record in each group begin in Loser’s Round 1 of the Double Elimination Bracket
Best of 5 matches

Bracket Stage structure
12-team double elimination bracket
8 teams starting in Winners Bracket
4 teams starting in Losers Bracket
Best of 7 matches

Group Matches
iM vs Nv
6am AEST / 7am AEDT Saturday 25th
Main stream: https://www.twitch.tv/halo

iM vs Splyce
8am AEST / 9am AEDT Saturday 25th (Ahead of schedule)
Bravo stream: https://www.twitch.tv/esl_halo

Bracket Matches
iM vs FAB
4:45am AEST / 5:45am AEDT Sunday 26th
Stream: TBA

iM  vs LBR2

*Keep in mind this is the scheduled time, games may start earlier/later














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