Halo Australia is back!


Halo Australia is pleased to announce weekly/monthly free to play comps will be returning, along side throwback comps. These comps will be open to anyone in the Oceanic region, like all previous comps.

In addition, we will have further announcments regarding sponsors coming soon.

Halo Australia has always been a community focused platform run for players by players and now with the forum updates hopefully the some of you can see the benefit of a forum over Facebook and use it, not only for comps.

For anyone curious about the websites death and forum.
Over the past few weeks the Halo Australia had been experiencing server issues. We have since then fixed the issues and made the website more secure. Unfortunately this meant we had to delete most accounts on the forum, So feel free to register again.

Further website adjustments and plugins from the old forum will be added back over time, including reputation and trophies.

Thanks to everyone who continues to use this site. We look forward to seeing everyone use the site and hosting frequent competitions.

Would also like to say a huge thankyou to Evan (Evzyman) none of this would have been possible without his dedication.

– Halo Australia team