The most FRIGHTENING ANZ Halo team heading into Infinite..

The ANZ Halo scene has had subpar international performances for years now. We’ve lacked the experience that makes the international competition so damn good – but that’s about to change with this new team announced early in July by renowned ANZ competitor Seduce:

We’re calling them the ANZ God-squad and we believe that they have the potential to put ANZ on the map for international events.

What makes the ANZ God-squad so frightening though?

Ask any ANZ Halo Competitive player what their thoughts are of each individual in this team and they’ll tell you the same thing: They’re really, really good.  No matter what Halo game each of these individuals participate in, they’ve constantly shown great results at the highest level of play in ANZ and dominate the competition. This rag-tag team of titans have constantly shown great results in the past locally and even have international accolades under their belt to show for it:

Combined accolades

ANZ #1 PlacementsInternational events attended

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However, there are several factors that go into how they’ve accomplished these results and today we’re going to list 3 that we believe are the most important.

1) They resolve issues as a team

A common theme in the ANZ Halo scene with most teams is that if a player is lacking in certain aspects of their gameplay, then it’s easier to drop that player rather than work on the issue with them. However, this lineup has shown in the past that this doesn’t need to be the case to get results. Rather than rotating their rosters every couple of weeks, they’ve shown commitment with the players they select and continue to improve alongside them and work on their issues as a team. This not only shows a great amount of faith they have in their teammates, but also the maturity factor to continue working through the stress and pressure they experience together.

Seduce was together with Team Immunity for over 3 years.

Madsy and Barcode have been apart of the same teams since 2018.

Praties, however, hasn’t seen much team-play in the competitive scene outside of Halo 3, but has shown remarkable chemistry with whoever he plays alongside.

This team will be sticking around for a long time, and they will be working on whatever issues they experience as a team.

2) They look at the game from a different perspective

A sign of a good Halo player isn’t just their shooting ability or their movement – it’s their ability to predict what’s going to happen next and how they can control that situation. Hours of time spent looking over VOD’s can result in new strategies being developed and a greater understanding of how the game will flow depending on what actions particular players will make. This lineup of players are no strangers to these ideas, and I can tell you from personal experience that their captain Seduce knows exactly how to play any competitive Halo map or gametype and can create an enormous impact on the flow of the game through his game knowledge from many hours spent looking over his VOD’s.

The other 3 are no different. Instead of practicing their gunskill and movement during their gametime, they choose to be efficient in the way they practice and problem-solve. Whether it be jumping into random maps to work on their start’s or dictating which points of the map hold more value over other’s – they’re putting in work outside of just playing the game. This allows them all to contribute equally to discussions about how they play the game, and with 4 absolute Halo freaks putting their minds together then you can bet this team is going to come up with some freakish Infinite strats.

3) Their individual skills create insane value for every situation

It goes without saying that the hours of practice these players have put into Halo is in the tens of thousands, and this has resulted in 4 absolute beasts with incredible amounts of individual skill. Whether it be with the Battle rifle, Pistol, Rocket Launcher, Sniper, DMR or Binary Rifle, these players know exactly how to utilize these weapons to the best of their ability after hours and hours of gametime.

This means that no matter whatever sticky situations these players find themselves in, they always have a way to get unstuck. Whether it’s the need to win a BR/Pistol battle to get the Rocket launcher, or manoeuvring the flag/oddball in a way to prevent being shot from behind and gaining those crucial extra seconds – this team has the individual prowess to get their team that extra edge. They have the confidence and trust in each other to pull those crazy plays out of their pockets, creating immense value for their teammates to continue making plays around the maps to further their leads.

They practice and push the limits of their abilities every single time they’re online. Whilst everyone has been relaxing and mentally preparing themselves for Infinite, these 4 players have been putting in work in the background constantly playing MCC to keep themselves warmed up and ready for the next iteration of Halo. They don’t sulk over the fact that the game isn’t going to match their favourite version of Halo (Modern vs Classic), they simply adapt and overcome their flaws to become the titans they are today.

Make sure to follow their social medias to stay up to date to their grinds, and to tune in when they’re slaying Spartans on the battlefield:

Seduce – | Twitter 

Barcode: | Twitter

Madsy: | Twitter

Praties: | Twitter

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