HCS 2023 Roadmap Announced – ANZ Online Tournament Dates

Weekly Online Events: As with last year HCS has once again partnered with FACEIT to bring you all of the online competition taking place, including of course this weekend’s Charlotte Online Open and subsequent qualifiers. Also taking place on FACEIT are the Quadrant and FaZe Clan Online events coming this Spring. The weekly online events are meant to provide teams with stable and regular competition to earn points, gain tournament experience as a team, and ensure they’re securing positioning for LANs and travel coverage to the various events.

Prizing: Each Major in 2023 will feature a prize pool of $250,000 for the 4v4, and a $5,000 FFA open to all players. As always the Majors feature an open bracket where any team can show up and fight for a share of the prize. As mentioned above, the Global Invitationals will feature a prize pool of $125,000. Finally, the Halo World Championship will once again see a $1,000,000 prize pool as well as award the title of the best Halo team in the world!

  • Feb 11-12: Charlotte Online Open (Feb 12 for rest of world)
  • Feb 13-14: Charlotte Qualifier (Feb 14 for rest of world)
  • Feb 24-26: HCS Kickoff Major Charlotte:
  • Mar 12: Open Series 2k
  • Mar 16: NA Open Series 2k Finals
  • Mar 19: Open Series 2k
  • Mar 23: NA Open Series 2k Finals
  • Mar 26: Open Series 4k Qualifier
  • April 1-2: NA Open Series 4k (Apr 2 rest of world)
  • April 16: EU Quadrant 4k Qualifier, Open Series 4k Qualifiers (rest of world)
  • April 22-23: EU Quadrant Open Series 4k, NA Open Series 4k (April 23 rest of world)
  • April 30: Open Series 2k
  • May 4: NA Open Series 2k Finals
  • May 7: NA FaZe Clan 4k Qualifier, Open Series 4k Qualifier (rest of world)
  • May 12-13: NA FaZe Clan Open Series 4k, Open Series 4k (May 13 rest of world)
  • May 20-21: HCS Global Invitational Qualifier
  • June 2-4: HCS Global Invitational @ DreamHack Dallas
  • June 30 – July 1: HCS Arlington Major hosted by OpTic
  • July 16: Open Series 2k
  • July 20: NA Open Series 2k Finals
  • July 22-23: HCS Global Invitational Qualifier
  • August 4-6: HCS Global Invitational hosted by Spacestation Gaming
  • Sept 1-3: HCS Ft Worth Major
  • October 12-15: Halo World Championship 2023 (Seattle, Washington)

More informationhttps://www.halowaypoint.com/news/2023roadmap