Halo Online Trailer Released!

Check that customization out! Looks like alot of work for just Russian citizens, here’s to hoping we get some of that Free to Play Halo Action

Few things to notice guys

  • 0:17, Take a good look at the new HUD, looks like hot keys 1,2,3,4 you can use all 4 abilities taken from Halo 4

  • 0:17, Also look there’s also a sprint bar, Halo 3’s 4 grenade slot and the old Halo 3 radar, Sprint in Halo 3?!

  • 0:27, sections below that include clan, party, private and lobby. Also a rank section above?

  • 0:28 armour pieces give you certain buffs, melee buffs, regen bonus, they upgrade too!

  • 0:33, you choose grenades, primary and secondary weapons, understandable with that much customisation

  • 0:33, recognise in game currency? Free to Play at it again.

  • 0:33, rent or buy guns, also variety of guns ranges between Halo 2-4, they also have weapon trait graphs

  • 0:41, appears that you can activate the good old ODST HUD

  • 0:43, Hologram on Guardian?

  • 0:49, WHAT IS THAT GUN?! Turf looks nice though

  • 1:06, Power drain is back baby!

  • 1:06, Sentinel beam or focus rifle?…. do I really want to know?

That’s about all i see guys, take a look for yourselves