Halo Australia – H2A 2v2 Results

Thankyou to everyone who competed in our first MCC tournament. We had a massive turnout of 32 teams!  Congratulations to team ANZ for taking out Nick Fallows in an extremely close final series. Nick Fallows won the first 3 games in the best of 7, yet ANZ clutched it back keeping the dream alive with 4 strait wins. Congratulations to both teams, we couldnt have asked for a closer series. Lastly a big shout-out to Satiex for refereeing the tournament and to everyone who tuned in to watch the games on twitch.

Champion: Team ANZ
2nd: Team Nick Fallows
3rd: Nuke and Pave (NaP)
4th place: Hide yo wife
5th place tie: Team Splaaaash , Po0Sy Monstarz
7th place tie: Legends , The Return Of The Great Koral
9th place tie: Team Wizards , Oi M8 , Taco , BRP
13th place tie: The Imperials , Team Olah , Da Kool Kids , Redbar
17th place tie: Goon Squad , Hecticz , Triple Eight , Carnage , Viibe , Team Feminist , V3locity , Stocks FC
25th place tie: Blood Brothers , Derpin’ Derpz , pingers and dim sims , Bok in the dodd v3 , Yeah care , Oberon , Nemesis , SINISTRA Brothers

Bracket: http://challonge.com/z5zfp6nn