Melbourne LAN Recap

Halo Australia would like to thank everyone who supported the event, Local LAN events cant happen unless the community comes together and im happy to say we did just that. Keep supporting Australian Halo and lets continue to grow the scene!

It wouldn’t be a LAN without some type of internet problem…
Thankyou for everyone being extremely patient during Saturday morning, it wasn’t how we wanted the event to start off. But luckily the connection issues were resolved pretty quickly and we only needed to hotspot a few series. FFA however ran perfectly! we watched some really intense games from new talent such as Alex (barcode) and Madsy. With Madsy winning the FFA.

Sunday produced some of the most intense Halo matches of all time. Caution might have dethroned Zerkil and Lunchy for the loudest player in ANZ, G4 caused a big upset on SSU and lastly congratulations to Authority for winning the tournament 4-1 against Immunity in the finals (Unfortunately Benno had to leave early).

4v4 Final placings

1st Authority
2nd Immunity
3rd Godly 4

4th SSU 


Initial Concept

high Priority


Reload eSports


Plumbus Pals
New Era

A rebroadcast of all the matches will be uploaded to the Halo Australia YouTube channel soon.

Bracket –