Ghosts of Meridian – April Update

Today the Ghosts of Meridian update went live.
This update includes 2 brand new maps, new forge features, tweaks to multiplayer and Campaign and few much needed bug fixes. Keep in mind this update is 8.1gb, anyone with average internet speeds RIP.



Tyrant is a small symmetrical Arena map for 1-8 players

The facility known as Site C by human explorers is one of a handful of intact Forerunner structures remaining in the Zeta Hydronis Secundus system, a grim reminder that even godlike artifice can be undone by the minds and hands of mad tyrants. At the height of Forerunner power these planetoids hosted thriving colonies and seemingly impregnable fortresses, but the war against the Flood saw hard light walls collapse and planetoids shatter under the parasite’s relentless assault, cracks in the Forerunner defenses into which the Gravemind poured billions of combat forms, each walking corpse cackling with mad laughter that drowned out screams and shouts of defiance.



24 player Warzone/Assault and soon Warzone Firefight

While the loss of Pinnacle Station dealt a massive blow to Liang-Dortmund’s operations on Meridian, demand for the planet’s vitrified resources has neither slaked nor slowed. Working quickly and quietly to avoid the notice of the Created, regional directors at Liang-Dortmund quickly implemented contingency plans to mitigate the economic impact and reconstitute operations on the frontier planet-moon. Though the company’s local headquarters at Meridian Station was devastated, the remote polar outpost of Darkstar Station survived, its workers and engineers largely unaware of the disaster that unfolded on the other side of the planet and the uncertain future that awaits them under Cortana’s rule. Despite the uncertain astro-political climate, Liang-Dortmund continues an accelerated resource gathering operation while tacit permission exists, transferring one of its largest resource processor ships, additional workers, and human resource specialists to Meridian’s orbit in order to continue work and assess the company’s remaining investments. But anomalies abound beneath the battered surface as ancient machinery buried deep in the planet’s mantle stir to life, and the UNSC makes plans to once again revisit the surface in search of answers, regardless of what forces that intervention may unleash.



New weather effects include: Rain, Snow, Papers, Embers, Dust, and Motes

  • Weather Effects added to map properties [Rain, Snow, Dust, Embers, Papers, Motes]
  • Sound Effects added to extras menu
  • Starting energy can now be adjusted on weapon
  • Starting energy and clips can now be adjusted for weapons on weapon pads