HA League 2020: Halo 5 #1
Halo 5: Guardians

Start Date:
Double elimination
Teams (5 vs 5)
Bracket Size:


April 26th, 12:00pm AEST.

HCS - settings (4v4)

Each set is a Bo5, (Best of 5) , grand finals are bo5 (with potential reset)

It is recommended that players join the community Discord and Forums, for direct communication with admins and other players.

Prize money will be distributed to the winners within 30 days of the tournament

Pro points are not locked to teams, you may change teams during the league.

Ensure your team roster is full (with registered substitutes) before the start of the tournament. Teams with under 4 registered players may be disqualified


Every team will follow a set list of maps and game-types for each round of the bracket.

Winners Round 1: CTF Coliseum, Slayer Truth, Strongholds Plaza, Slayer Rig, CTF Refuge
Round 2 / Losers Round 1: Strongholds Eden, Slayer Plaza, CTF Truth, Slayer Regret, Strongholds Empire
Round 3 / Losers Round 2: CTF Refuge, Slayer Coliseum, Strongholds Rig, Slayer Truth, CTF Coliseum
Round 4 / Losers Round 3: Strongholds Plaza, Slayer Rig, CTF Truth, Slayer Plaza, Strongholds Eden
Round 5 / Losers Round 4: CTF Coliseum, Slayer Truth, Strongholds Empire, Slayer Refuge, CTF Refuge
Round 6 / Losers Round 5: Strongholds Rig, Slayer Plaza, CTF Truth, Slayer Rig, Strongholds Eden
Round 7 / Losers Round 6: CTF Refuge, Slayer Coliseum, Strongholds Plaza, Slayer Truth, CTF Coliseum


Use of both Male and Female Spartans is permitted.You cannot use the elite player model.

No leaving the normal boundaries of a map.

No grabbing/holding a flag/oddball outside of the normal boundaries of a map.

Teams must be ready to play at the scheduled time, late teams will receive a warning. If this problem continues to persist with the same team, they will start to forfeit games every 15 minutes.

All teams should be in a custom game lobby ready to play at least 10 minutes before the competition is scheduled to start at the beginning of each day.

The winning team must report the match results within 15 minutes of completion through a specifically designated results thread/tournamatch results submission.

Team colours must be Red and Blue. Ensure that the game lobby is set to Invite Only.

Teams may register one substitute, substitutes can not already be participating in the tournament on another team, substitutes will not receive pro points.


The higher seeded team will host games 1, 3, 5 and 7 (where necessary)

The lower seeded team will host rounds 2, 4 and 6 (where necessary)

Higher seed is always red team

The host of a round is always the leader of the game lobby, so every player who plans on hosting must have the official tournament rules.

It is recommended that before each series, and once every player is in the lobby, the host should start up a custom game for 1 minute to ensure that the connection is satisfactory for all players.

If no players on a team are able to accommodate hosting 8 players with all green bar connections, they will forfeit their opportunity to host that round to the opposing team.


If a player does not spawn at the start of a round due to connection, the host must end the game. If the opposing team is host, you can signal the opposing team to end the game by having everyone stand still until the game has been ended.

If the same player continues to experience connection issues three times in a row, and has done all they can to try and fix their connection, their team may either continue to play with their remaining players or use their registered substitute. Otherwise, that that player may try to fix their connection issues but every 15 minutes, their team will forfeit a round.

Any suspected connection tampering, deliberately lagging out or leaving games or any other form of cheating will result in disqualification from the tournament.

If a player or entire game is disconnected, if the game is within the first 5 minutes of play, the game will be restarted from the beginning. If the game is older than 5 minutes, the round will be restarted and teams will need play from the score that they were on before the disconnection or malfunction. So, if a team has 33 kills before the malfunction, they will only need to reach 17 kills to win that round. Contact an admin, if there is a dispute


It is illegal to throw an objective item into any place not accessible within the normal playable area of the map. Intentionally breaking this rule will result in a forfeit of the game. Please contact an admin if this occurs.

No placing the oddball out of reach, in an area where it won't immediately "Play Ball". Intentionally breaking this rule will result in a forfeit of the game.

Altering maps or game-types will result in a disqualification from the tournament.

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