Halo Australia is proud to announce its official online pro league!

The pro league will consist of community run online 4v4 tournaments in both Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection with a $4,000 prize pool!
Registration is open to anyone in Australia or New Zealand.

In addition to the prize pool, each online tournament will also offer pro points, which will seed further tournaments and crown a champion at the end of the league.

This league wouldn’t be possible without the support from Divine Mind, a brand new esports organisation, 
building a community in content creators and competitive players. Please give them a follow!

The first tournament will commence on April 26th and will alternate between Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Halo 3) each fortnight.

Halo 5 tournaments will be streamed on our Twitch channel

Pro point structure
1st – 1000
2nd – 750
3rd – 500
4-8th – 250

Prize distribution
Each tournament will offer a $800 prize pool, totaling $4,000. The prize distribution is as follows.

1st – $400
2nd – $300
3rd – $100

More detailed information on prizes can be found in the corresponding tournament rules.


All tournaments will be run on our website under the Tournaments /Ladders Tab, thanks to our partners Tournamatch.

To register yourself into an online tournament, you’ll need to create an account and either create or join a team. This can be done from the player dashboard (located on the top bar)
You can invite other players by visiting their profiles and clicking invite to team or via email. Once you’ve assembled a team, you can now register for any open tournaments or ladders.


Detailed gametype specific rules and settings can be found in the tournament page.

We look forward to running the online tournaments for the community and hope to see a big turnout! If you have any questions regarding the league, don’t hesitate to ask on Twitter – @AUHalo.