Halo Australia – MCC Series H3 Draft Tournament #2


Due to the popularity of the last Halo 3 draft tournament, we’re back with another tournament! In partnership with Tournamatch and Divine Minds as part of our ongoing MCC Series.

Roster Reveals – Sunday, January 31st
Tournament day – Sunday, February 7th

So what exactly is a draft tournament?
A draft tournament is like any other 4v4 Hardcore tournament, however.. Everyone registers individually and the teams are selected by team captains. We will be using a modified “snake” format to draft the teams. Team captains will be assigned by Halo Australia admins based on tournament placings throughout the MCC series and recent results. Players may decline to be captains if chosen. Once 10 team captains are selected, each captain will be seeded. The 10th seeded captain will have the first choice and it will continue until all teams are full.

Player Cap
One of the biggest challenges we faced last draft tournament, was how many players and captains pulled out last minute. This format relies heavily on team captains to be organised. We are capping the tournament at 10 teams (40 players) to keep everything easy to manage and allows substitutes to fill the remaining spots. ONLY REGISTER IF YOU INTEND ON PLAYING!

Registration is now open!
All sign-ups are done individually on Halo Australia, all you need is an account and to link your gamertag on your profile. Click the button below to sign up for the Draft Tournament.

*Players from regions outside of Australia and New Zealand will not be eligible to participate.

The first 40 players will be guaranteed a spot, any registrations after that will be placed in a substitute pool.

1st – $250

Please consider donating to the prize pool, all of our events are community funded and are only possible if the community supports them.
Donate here – https://www.haloaustralia.com/donations/3503/

All participants will receive the exclusive “Legendary II” nameplate.