Halo Australia – MCC Series Halo 3 Send-off


Halo Australia is proud to announce the final tournament in the MCC Online Series, which started back in early 2020.
With the newly added custom game browser, we wanted to run one last Halo 3 event before Infinite. Huge thankyou to our partners HCS, Tournamatch and Divine Minds for helping keep ANZ Halo alive through the covid period.

Detailed tournament information & map/gametype rotation can be found on the Tournamatch page. Register your team by clicking below.

– Hardcore 4v4

Tournament date – Sunday, November 14th,
12:00pm AEST |1:00pm AEDT

Entry Cap
16 teams

All participants will receive the “1337 Spartan” nameplate.
Top 2 teams will receive the “HCS Victory” nameplate.
1st – $200AUD *subject to change