Community Update: Season’s Greetings

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News News News!

Announcement fever has taken over this community, where the current state of the community is being overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia and euphoria for future developments… tis to the season to be jolly indeed… these future developments should see some sparks of life across the globe!

Competitive Halo Oceania?!

It has finally happened, the long anticipated announcements have finally dropped! Without further delay, let’s dive straight in and see what is going on in our region…

1. Halo World Championship 2018! First and foremost, the details surrounding this have been the most anticipated for the past three months; we have seen teams form and change, emotions fly and rivalries build… it is truly been an already thrill seeking competitive season, just wait till LAN… hope to see you all in Sydney come March!

In summary, the Open LAN will be held on MARCH 9th – 11th, 2018 in SYDNEY hosted by ESL Australia. Seeding will be done through Online Tournaments and an International Open LAN in ORLANDO hosted by MLG.

Shout out to 343 Industries, Major League Gaming & ESL Australia for supporting this regional community!

2. Halo Australia is Coming! With the unveiling of the #HWC2018 Announcement, this announcement may have been overshadowed, but as many would know (some may not), Halo Australia (and Oceanic Halo League) has been the driving force behind the communities’ life for well over a year and continues to push for more, that type of work ethic alone creates merit but the fact they are giving a purpose to our play is just admirable to say the least… so begins the exodus of Facebook.

In summary, the Halo Australia website has been updated with a brand new forum system and tournament ladders, where players can engage and interact with others players, teams can challenge teams…

Shout out to Kevy, Lunchy and the Halo Australia team as a whole, really solid effort guys! Your work doesn’t go unnoticed, looking forward to your future projects!

3. Oddball HCS Debut?! With this year’s #HWC2018 Season, the developers at 343 Industries really wanted to revitalize the community globally. They wanted to give something fresh that brought old players back and new players in… essentially something old, something new… never has that statement been more true, as Oddball has had previous history in competitive Halo and its return is well received! Welcome back!

In summary, we have a new gametype to learn, a new map added to the rotation and a whole new way of playing Halo 5: Guardians.

Behind the Scenes?

4. Weapon Tuning Hot Fix. Within the development studios, over the past six months, a constant project has gone underway to improve the sandbox and reduce role redundancy of each weapon. This weapons tuning test has had controversial reactions, to say the least, with the Battle Rifle showing the most distaste due to inconsistencies with kill times. This week we were blessed with a hotfix to remedy some of the changes that arose from this and other weapons. Here’s to a more balanced sandbox.

Community Showcase!

5. Str8 Rippin coming to Australia?! Yes you read that correctly… Mint Blitz has joined forces with long-time organisation Str8 Rippin, as part of their Content Team. If you don’t know who Mint Blitz is yet, definitely look him up on YouTube, his montages are something to behold. Shout out to Mint Blitz for his hard work and effort!

6. One of Us! Shout out to Tashi for the continual communication within the community as well as getting in on some of the competitive banter. You truly are one of us now…

Season Greetings…

From the Halo Australia team, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and let’s all return to the grind and showcase our region’s talents come this Autumn!